Thursday, December 1, 2011


I love stories, don't you? The other day my brilliant little sister found Jim Henson's Storyteller on Netflix. It was great.

So anyways, here's a story or two of ma'own:

Last night I came home a wee bit late....lets just say it was 1 O'clock (which it was). I share a room with my two little sisters, and coming home late has never been a problem. For some reason they don't have a problem sleeping with the lights completely on. In fact, usually that is what I come home to. But, by some random chance, the lights were off last night and they were asleep. I should mention there was a freak wind storm in Las Vegas last night, like crazy town windy. But I digress, I walked into my room and my littlest sister had been awakened. She got up and immediately grabbed her school pants and started walking to the bathroom. I asked what she was doing, she responded "getting ready for school." I said, its still night time! And she said, "I always get up this time." My little sister is so used to waking up before the sun that she honestly thought 1am was the time to get up! Sick.

All throughout high school I would wake up between 4:30 and 5:00am every morning to either catch the bus or go to early morning seminary. But since going to college, that is unthinkable to me! The average time I wake up when I'm in school is around 7...The point of all this is, I love sleep.