Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is College Supposed to be Fun?

As the end of the semester comes dangerously close, some thoughts have dawned upon my worn down mind...Ought I to have fun in college? Now regardless of the intensely philosophical discussion I could spark with this question, lets focus on the prima facie (face value). This semester I've worked and participated in some fun activities...watched movies, sang songs, helped make films, laughed a lot with roommates, went to Utah, played futsal, ate a lot of crap...sounds like a decent college experience to me. But, without a doubt the vast majority of my time is spent working, going to school, or doing homework. These seems appropriate though. I think what troubles me though is as the semester ends, I am getting older. Closer to graduation and closer to applying to grad school. What troubles me is my lack of substance for my resume. I literally have been involved with nothing in college. School, the library, and a brief relationship with I-Comm and Photographic Society. Whats even more disheartening is I have a good friend I'll call Marty (and this person embodies all friends I have like this) who is involved in all sorts of things: I-Comm to the extreme, Get Connected Council, Student Ambassadors, Philosophy Society, Sports, Honor Code thing, etc...And the thing is Marty is getting a full tuition scholarship because he is involved!!! What!?!?! Ok he is not involved in all these things, but he is on the Honor Code Council as a director of advertising or something. He literally stumbled upon the position and didn't even realize he was getting a scholarship from it. Or Lars, who's a director of Get Connected or an intramural sport who also has a scholarship from being involved!

What makes me so shocked by all of this is I spend every second (hyperbole) trying to get straight A's. And by George, I may have done it this semester (KNOCK ON WOOD!). There is something that a college student prizes more than money and a boyfriend (hyperbole), and that is time! I spend all my time working, working, working, to make money and get straight A's so I can get more money to pay for school. It is an activity largely done alone, makes you pale, fat, exhausted, and causes a great amount of stress. But people like Lars and Marty get to be involved, surrounded by friends, do something they love, and have something to put on their resume and STILL get the same results I get from stressing over homework and tests.

This all is a little crazy I realize. But its something I've been mildly concerned about. I am incredibly happy all the time here. But its weird to me seeing people out having fun times in the week and still getting a scholarship. But to each his own!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This weekend was fantastic. I spent it with one of my best friends Becca on an impromptu trip to Provo. We met up with Jessica who we went to High School with. Then we went to the Festival of Colors, got covered in chalk (I still have purple in my hair!), got Indian food at the Bombay House, went to the Carl Bloch exhibit at BYU, and had creamery ice cream and COOKIES AND CREAM MILK! Which is way cheaper and bigger at BYU by the way! I drove back with some very great friends. The radio didn't work so we sang songs. Sometimes we made up songs, but it mostly consisted of Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Simon and Garfunkel. I couldn't of had a more ideal trip. It was beautiful in every way.

Now I'm back home and flustered as ever. I have like four places I need to be today, a farely large portfolio due tomorrow, I need to find a place to live in Provo asap, find a way to get to California next week even more asap, friends birthdays, not to mention its my last week in my apartment that I love dearly with roommates I love even more. I have a big test on Thursday, haven't even started studying. And three group projects due next week and two finals. And to pack up and move out. Plus white glove. No big deal. Seriously. But all together, its kind of overwhelming. 

I'm tired and looking forward to a break in two weeks. But also terribly horribly indescribably sad for this semester to end. For more reasons than that I'm afraid of finals. I've loved this semester greatly. I love my friends most of all. I've met a lot of amazing people who inspire me to be excellent, happy, creative, and fun. 

My life is good. Real good. 

Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a Feminist, and I'm a Mormon

We have been learning about feminism in Philosophy lately. I've considered myself a feminist since last year in Philosophy when I learned what feminism actually is. Lately its been the favorite joke at work between me and my awesome friend Becca that Jamie (our only male coworker) is a sexist. I'm not sure how funny he thinks it is, but its hilarious, truly. We always joke about the man oppressing us. Anyways, it really is funny. And it doesn't sound like it on here, but take my word for it!

Anyways, in class today my philosophy teacher (now a stake president!) said how closely feminism works with LDS doctrine. He said somebody in our class should begin a talk with "Hi my name is so and so and I'm a feminist!" Just to get everyones attention. And then he said, "But not in my stake!"

Feminism is an incredibly broad philosophy. So much so that saying I'm a feminist doesn't say very much about me without going into further detail. So here are some quick thoughts: women have obviously been oppressed throughout history. Aristotle maybe is the biggest sexist ever saying "the male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; the one rules, and the other is ruled." I'm told this is one of Aristotle's more tame sexist quotes. The media and common culture treat women as objects to be enjoyed by men. Women do NOT want to be equal with men. What does that even mean? And whats so great about men that we would want to be their equals? We just want common respect and balanced power. Feminism is a philosophy of caring. We say be partial to your family and loved ones! But obviously, still support justice.

Where I disagree with feminism though, is they claim gender is completely a social construct. One is not born a woman but becomes one. (and whats interesting is according to society, lesbians are not women because "women" as defined by society, are meant to please work with a man) I think gender is eternal. Though the question remains, what is female-ness? What is male-ness? This is a question I don't think anyone has the answer to. But alas, I'm not sure it is necessary these questions are answered at all.

Also after class I was joking with my good friend Khand about making a profile on the saying something along the lines of "I have short spiky hair, I'm a feminist, and I'm a Mormon." :)

Lastly, in English today a student gave a presentation on homosexual couples and raising kids. He did the research and found kids are exactly the same with heterosexual and homosexual parents, except children from the latter homes tended to value school more. I find it always fascinating how open minded people are here. I love that I am at a very conservative school and never feel like anything is slanted one way.

Ok, so there's my controversial post for the day. Good night!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Top 5 Places I'd Like to Visit in AMERICA

So tonight I stayed up really late talking to my roommate about places we've been to in America. Recently my desires to explore have taken an unexpected change to places in my home country, the good ole' USA. So in no particular order, here's my top 5:

1. San Francisco, California. Last year a couple of my friends took a spontaneous trip up to San Fran while I was still in Rexburg. I was sorely disappointed I could not join them in their escapade. And the same year my own parents went there just for funsies! One day I will have my glorious day in the San Francisco Bay!

2. Portland, Oregon. Everyone I've ever met from Portland loves it. To be honest, this is the current place I would like to live when I have a family. Its green, cultured, and has seasons! And tons of overcast!

3. Seattle, Washington. If anyone knows me well, they'll know I want to visit (or possibly live) in Seattle.Nirvana started here! And so did Death Cab for Cutie and Dave Matthews! Something great must be happening in Seattle! Plus it rains! A LOT! And hello hum wall and gnome!!

4. New York, New York. This is a new desire, but there is so much going on in New York! Hello Metropolitan Museum, Broadway, Central Park, The Empire State Building, The Statue of Liberty, etc. Need I say more?

5. Well I can't really think of a 5th one, so I'll go with Chicago, Illinois. The Brendan Leonard Show. THIS AMERICAN LIFE! And my awesome roommate Tiffany is from Chicago. So there you go.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

So Anyways...

I am officially pale. There's no denying it. I was talking to my roommate about something and said "well I'm tan." Or something like that. And she said, no Taylor, your pale. As if trying to desperately grasp for air, I said I'm tan! But to my complete horror I looked again in the mirror with clear eyes, and there was no denying, I am pale.

Bob Dylan. I love that guy.

I got sick again, but feel worlds better right now! And started my homework super late...but luckily I still have a few hours of homework time before I go crazy and decide I have to go party.

I think I'm taking floral arrangement next semester. I'm pretty stoked. Especially because I just went to the Bridal Flower Show here and it was incredibly inspiring.

Keeping it are some things I love:

This American Life
Being Human
Lap Tops
the Weather
this crazy guy who is playing the guitar way loud upstairs
my awesome secret study spot
cool lighting
How I started talking to a "model" at the bridal show because I thought I knew him, then on second thought I didn't. Oops.
Indie guys. What can i say?
Folk music
That Brittany had her baby!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

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Thoughts of the Day

There has been this conflict in my mind lately as to epistemology. Epistemology is the philosophy of thought...basically. Where do the thoughts of Americans come from. I've realized people who haven't taken philosophy tend to have a very closed mind, even though they don't realize it. Many people I'm surrounded by are just so terribly closed minded. I personally need to work on this. But where do these closed minded notions come from? Society? Brainwashing? Their own thoughts?

In particular, war has been on my mind. War is insane. For the most part I simply don't understand it. I was just talking to my roommates and being a bit obnoxious quizzing them about the most peaceful countries in the world. They mocked France saying they've never won a war. My roommates boyfriend said all the other countries are pancies and too afraid to stand up for what they believe. And I know a great majority of Idahoins (way to generalize Taylor, speaking of cloesmindedness...) anyways, a lot of Idahoins are ultra conservative. Madison county is like 90% Republican. So as my roommates boyfriend (who is a very nice guy and I have no problems with) raves about how every country that isn't in a war is a pansy, I couldn't help bit think how crazy that is. I said "maybe those countries value the lives of their citizens?" Then let it go, I was outnumbered, and I really don't think they were in the mood for a philosophical argument about the necessity or lack thereof of war. 

Why do you have to go to war to fight for what you believe in? In many instances it seems America was trying to "defend" what we believed to countries that had very little to do with us. It is the same with the Government getting involved in the affairs of citizens personal lives. Like marriage. What in the world does a separate Government institution have to do with the marriage of two people? Sure there are taxing reasons and such, but why is that even in existence? 

We need to declare peace. That is what it says in the scriptures. The only time we should go to war is to defend our family and freedom (and I'm sure there are other reasons, but I don't feel like looking it up right now). But the point is, it is to defend! 

I think its incredibly interesting that being at a Mormon school with mostly conservative teachers, I'm finding my thoughts turn to a more and more liberal standpoint. I love that. It makes me safely feel I am not being brainwashed and they totally leave it to us as students to discover our opinions. Classes are built to provoke thought and leave it to the students to decide what is right.

Ok, this was definitely a rant. Not a very good one at that. But I wish people would be open minded. I wish I was better at being more open minded. I support peace. I support countries like France, Denmark, and Sweden that are very happy and socialist. They are functioning well even though they aren't in war and "defending what they believe in." (though it is sad they are the least religious countries in the world). And, as always, I love BYU-Idaho.

Ok, NOW I have this off my chest. Thank you. 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Schedule Time

Before I begin, I'd like to make it clear I love planning and registering for classes. But sometimes it can get pretty frustrating. I had this dream schedule planned since January of this year! I'd take Art History, Spirituality in the Arts, Christan History, Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation, and Practical Homemaking. I'd get out at 12:30 on Monday and Wednesday, 4:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, every day would start at 9:45, and NO classes Fridays! Well things took a very serious turn for the worst when I talked to a Humanities department guy and realized Art History 201 is not needed for my major. Its game time for me. I can't afford to take three classes all willy nilly (Christian History, Practical Homemaking, and evidently Art History were unnecessary). So I've just spent the last two or three hours revising my schedule. I still have no class Friday which is wonderful. But the rest of the schedule is just not ideal. No fun classes. My major classes are just never offered! So I have very little options especially because I am so far along with foundations and my major. So here is the final cut for classes (unless something else happens like they get full before I can register, which probably will happen): Foundations Capstone, French, Family Foundations, Spirituality in the Arts, and Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation. Tuesdays schedule is basically the same. But on Monday and Wednesday I have class at 9, then work for 5 hours, and then class from 3:15-6:00pm! I love that I keep breaking all my scheduling rules. That is so stinking late. But I think its good cause I'll get more work time in and then maybe I can work less on Friday (which most likely I wont, and I'll just work more...) Anyways, next semester is dry pure unadulterated no nonsense school time. Eh. 

But on the bright side! It will be warmer, Snoasis will come back!, new ward (not that I don't love my ward, but it'll be fun to change), new apartment (dido), new people, and Keri and Rachel will be back. Its going to be real good. 

Monday, March 7, 2011

Good Times

Remember that one time when I have two English assignments due this week...and remember how my teacher said they are both probably going to take 5 hours each to complete...It is terrible...

Also I have a test on music theory tomorrow. I am hosed. I don't know what the fetch is going on.

Lastly, I still need to do all my regular homeworks. Ouch.

But on the bright side! I love my life.