Friday, December 31, 2010

Uh Oh

So something terrible has happened. I discovered a Communications cluster at BYU-Idaho called Video...Are you freaking kidding me?? VIDEO!? I literally feel like the very foundation of my education plans has just experienced an earthquake. SO you mean to tell me, BYU-I, that there is a cluster that teaches you about film? How to make clear, effective, beautiful films?! Why is this happening to me! The temptation is staggering to just say Eh and go for it! I haven't taken any film classes. But I mean, what the heck, right? I am majoring in Humanities so I'd have to see if they would let it fly...And I'm not sure what I would do in accordance with possibly clustering/minoring in Photography as well...

And I want a T2I so terribly bad lately...Like thats all I want in my life right a T2i...and also the knowledge and programs to edit videos...But first, to own a T2i...I only need like 500 more dollars!

All of this is due to a little video a Communications major at BYU-Idaho made with his T2i. Thanks Joseph. Thanks a lot.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Yes, I am in College

As the years go by in my life I have come to learn a few things; one of which is that I am short. From how much it comes up in conversation, I must be very short. How short am I exactly? Well evidently that is a debatable fact. Some friends say I'm 4'11" or 5'0". I think I'm 5'2". So usually I just say 5'1".

It seems my physical stature would give off the appearance that I am in high school...or maybe even middle school (shutter)...I have had many an experience of people commenting on their shock when they discover I am in college. Once, at a day camp I was a camp counselor. We went around introducing ourselves and when I said I was 19, a young observant boy yelled out "What! You don't look like your 19!" (Also, this boy was in 6th grade, and as tall as me) When I went to church dances as a Senior in high school, freshman boys taller than me would ask me to dance, and usually comment on how I am so short they didn't think I was a Senior. In fact, as a Junior in high school, I was particularly insecure about my height. It really did bother me how much it came up in conversation and was pointed out. But that insecurity was defeated when I went to BYU-Idaho. Rarely did I hear mention of how small of stature I am. At this point in my life, I almost expected to be a little teased about it, but nothing came of it. I was treated as just another student. And being treated thus gave me the confidence to "act tall."

It wasn't till this weekend that I remembered how short I am once again. I was visiting my family in California and my uncle's mom (not my Grandma) commented how she wasn't expecting me to say I was in college. Let me be clear, this in no way bothered me. But I still think its funny that it comes up nonetheless. I'm at the point when people mention that I look in any way old, I am very much flattered. But I can safely say, I've heard it all. I know I am short. I'm 5'1" and 5'6" on a good day. (Hello 5 inch heels...)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some of my Favorite Things

Lord of the Rings-Lately a lot of the guys I know have been surprised to discover this fact, saying very few girls they are friends with like Lord of the Rings. I explain they are obviously hanging out with the wrong girls.

Explosions in the Sky-I am grateful to live in a world where a band like this exists. They make me feel contemplative, peaceful, overwhelmed, nostalgic, etc.

Harry Potter-Do I even need to explain?

The Color Brown-Thank heavens for a color that is still dark (like black), but doesn't pack quite the punch that black does. I'm discovering more and more each day that I am put off by bold colors, like black or white. Instead I prefer brown and off white :)

Christmas-No matter how old I get this day always stands out on the calender as simply the best most magical day of the year.

Vintage Jewelery-Need I say more?

Lots of Blankets-My bed has been seriously lacking in the squishy comfy blanket department. I love them dearly.

Shoes-Since I've been home I've bought around 10 pairs of shoes, 3 shirts, 2 scarves, and 2 jackets. And what do I really need? Pants. Yet here I am with a million shoes and no pants. I'm living the good life :)

Obedience-This is one virtue that seems to encompass them all: faith, humility, patience, Godliness. I need to be more obedient.

Brock Nordstrom-Now this guy is on his mission, but his art and just knowing him has filled me with enough inspiration to last for the whole two years he's been gone. He is incredible.

The Beatles-No music I like now would exist were it not for John, Ringo, George, and Paul

Dancing-Boy, I love to dance. I am definitely not a very impressive dancer. But I do enjoy it very much.

Indian Food-I am so looking forward to eating at my favorite place in the world: The Indian Palace.

The 80s-The 80s fill me with laughter and jealousy all at the same time

Socrates-Yup, he is for sure my favorite philosopher.

Dying my hair-One time I realized hair grows back and color fades. Ever since I have LOVED getting my hair done! Tomorrow I will once again embark on a new hair journey!

 Singles Ward-Anyone who ever didn't like singles ward must be crazy town.

There you have it! Some of my Favorite Things :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Where is my hairbrush?

So recently I lost my ipod...once again...Last time I couldn't find it for two months or so and figured it was stolen or something. Turns out it was in a winter sweater pocket...for the entire spring...figures...So now I can't find it. But this time I left it in the ihome on my bed. When I came home the ihome was in the bathroom. My ipod was gone. I figured some forgetful sibling put it somewhere. But it has been a week. So the likes of my ipod remains to be seen.

This whole fiasco got my thinking though...What are some other items I've lost and sincerely wonder where they went from time to time...

1. This one picture I really liked! When I was a Beehive a leader gave me a picture of a girl reading the Scriptures in the desert with a candle. I put it on a little table by my bed. One night I was tired and when I leaned over to turn off the lamp, I bumped the picture and down it fell behind the night stand. I figured I'd look for it later. It slipped my mind for a while. When I returned to look for it once I came to my senses, I could not find it! That still bugs me to this day. I must have dropped it into some magical black hole behind my night stand...That's the only logical explanation.

 2. Mustard Yellow V-Neck. My senior year for Sadies I got my date and I this sweet Gap V-Neck. When I went to college I thought I had packed it. But could not find it. So naturally, I assumed it was still home. Upon my return I looked, and could not find it. I've checked in my brothers clothes (because it was a guy V-Neck) and they didn't have it! I have no idea where its gone. But I really miss it. (PS that is a pretty goofy picture of me. Seth looks good. And he looks better in that shirt than I do. But I mean, that shirt is awesome! I miss it!)

3. My Freshman Yearbook. That year I was actually on the yearbook staff! So what the heck! It was the only year I went to LVA and I super always wanted to show my Centennial friends how school was there. I wish I could look and see the parts I whited out cause some crazy friend wrote something inappropriate when they signed. Or show how super awkward I looked all the time, because that is always how I felt. Or just show them and say! Look! See how much I've improved! But alas, I haven't seen that bad boy in years. I've looked in the dreaded garage even. And still I can not find it.

4. My Middle School Year Book. Hello, American Heritage. I had that yearbook for a day, tops. My Mom thinks it was stolen. I have no idea. All I know is I lost it before I even had a chance to read what everyone wrote in it. Which is highly dissapointing. I still really wish I knew what it said in there. Plus, I want to do the same I would with my Freshman year book, compare myself then to how I am now!

5. Red I-Pod Nano. This, I've already explained. Its been missing for just one week. So I still have hope!

Well anyways, that is all I can think of for my list of things I've lost. If you come across any of these items. Feel free to let me know :)

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Dreamed a Dream...of Going to Paris! (TOP 10 EUROPE LIST!)

Ok, its no secret I REALLY want to go to Europe. I'm afraid being a Humanities major has almost driven me to the point of insanity how badly I want to go. And I will go! Some day! Weather it be my honeymoon (There, your wedding reference Jen :), a study abroad, or just a tour...I've fantasized about studying abroad in Paris, the European Humanities tour, and the European Religious Tour. I feel like its in my grasp to go if I can just have $4,000 to spare. I would do study abroad, but that is the same cost as a mission and I can't bring myself to do that. Anyways, I just wanted to go through some of the places I want to go to so much I could cry...and I probably would cry if I went there...

1. Paris, France. Thank you Napolean for acquiring a ton of European art and sticking it in one city to taunt me. I mean, seriously? This place is amazing. First of all, as if the art weren't tempting enough, I am seriously curious about the culture and the way people act. Do the French really hate Americans? Cause I want to know first hand! I want to see how Socialism functions and how the people like it (as with most European countries). Oh and also did I mention to Louvre!

2. Versai, France. Ok Louis XIV is one of the funniest Kings in history to me! The Sun King! I could talk/learn/discuss the history of Versai and Louis for hours. Its just breathtaking. HUGE. And the palace to end all palaces. 

3. Budapest, Hungary. One of my very good friends is on a mission here. Am I a little jealous? Yes. Liszt is from Hungary. And he is dreamy, so why wouldn't I want to go here? OH And I love his music! And the architecture of Budapest!

4. Berlin, Germany. Can you say, history? Music, art, war, Germany has been through it all. I want to see it.
5. Denmark. Jensen is Danish. I am very Danish. And this is possibly the most Socialist country in the world. Its the least religious in the world. And statistically the happiest in the world. Hello, interesting.

6. Vienna, Austria. Ok, I'd have more comments about all of this if I wrote this 6 months ago when I was in Humanities (That goes for all these places!). But for now, all I can say is history, art, and culture.

7. St. Pauls Cathedral
8. Vatican City. Do I even need to explain this one?

9. London, England. Alright. Hogwarts, Abbey Road, Big Ben, St. Pauls, Buckingham...the list goes on and on...

10. Scotland and Ireland. Its what I am :) Family history!

Well there you have it, my top 10 Europe list. There was no order of preference! Its just what came to mind first!

I've been brainstorming ways I could get to Europe...What if I work for BYU doing study abroad Humanities tours? I would die...that would be the greatest job ever in the history of the world I think...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dream [Wedding] List

I have a terrible habit of looking at Wedding Photography Blogs all the day long; and time and time again the most gorgeous of clothes, decorations, and jewlery show up! I'd like to share some of those with you :)
p.s. YES, most of these are wedding oriented...but its no secret that wedding planning is basically my favorite

                                 I LOVE THESE SLEEVES!
                                                            Hello, couches...amazing

                                         Vintage plates...does it get any better?
                                                                    I love the hanging lights
All of these pictures were taken from the most incredible website in the world: ONCEWED.COM
for info on the dresses, photographer, location, and everything else, go to that website!

When I become a photographer,  I want nothing more to have my photography look like the above. This is just incredible to me...

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi, My Name is Taylor and I Like to Party

SO over the years I have had quite a few themed parties. This has become somewhat a hobby of mine. Soon I will add a "Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad: Elf Going Away Party." Needless to say, I am very excited for this. Lately, I have reminisced about the parties I've had in the past. I thought you, dear blog reader, would enjoy joining me in this nostalgic party, if you will...

1. Masquerade Ball: This party happened at the beginning of my Senior year. And what a delight it was. I talked to my friends about the thought of having a formal party and the feedback was great. In fact, everyone enjoyed dressing up so much we had weekly dress up days for weeks after the party. But I I invited about 60 people to the party. My house was pretty full. People popped in over the fence. A few didn't dress up, which was disappointing, mostly the party crashers though. But that was not a problem. We danced, laughed, and ate some delicious fancy food. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I said the requirment for all food brought was that it had to be "fancy." This party was the party to begin all parties.

2. Fake Sadies Valentines Day Party. Well I can't find any pictures of this. But me and my friends had a fake sadies because I couldn't go to the real one. It was a super fun date. And it ended with a Valentines dance party in my house!

3. Fancy Vintage Dance Partay. This was a combined Birthday party between myself, Trey, Matt, and Raquel. Oh and it was most excellent. I had a good time trying to explain to everyone how to dress up. As most of my parties are pretty confusing, but it always works out. We had a big birthday cake with all the birthday peeps name. And the party was simply excellent.

4. Funeral/Going Away Partay. When any of my friends go to college we say we "die." So we have a funeral. Usually this is just a get together and some good time fun. But because I LOVE formal parties. I had one to celebrate my leaving. For some reason, I have no pictures at all of this. Nor have does anyone, I think. Which makes this party a little mysteries..but you know, whatever...Anyways, it was great. I invited some new good friends I'd met through institute. It was a smaller party with mostly close friends. But it was a blast and a great way to say goodbye to that chapter in my life!


5. Impromptu 80's Partay! Ok so now I wen to college in January. My party loving was in full swing. One Friday I just decide I want to have an 80's party. So an 80's party I have! I invited everyone I've met so far. So not a TON of people. But it was a great way to really get to know my neighbors! Some friends and I went to DI that morning. I already had plenty of 80's clothes. The party began with like 7 people. I didn't even be carin. I just danced by myself. Blasted the tunes and I was loving life. Then more and more peeps came. IT WAS AWESOME! That literally was the best. I met a lot of friends through that party!

6. THUG LIFE PARTAY! This may or may not be the biggest party I have ever had. The week was spent in preparation by listening to a lot of rap. We hit up DI and Walmart to get fake nails and gangsta clothes. I invited LITERALLY every single person I met in Idaho. So about 50 people. It was crazy. My dorm was totally packed. We broke a lot of the rules though. We had 3 strobe lights and all the lights off. And there should be one light on when boys are in the dorm. But there were 3 flipping strobe lights! Anyways, there was hardly room to dance. Even though it was around 0 degrees outside, a lot of people went outside and danced to cool off. I really wish the music was louder. But there were so many people I had not invited. Word spread all around campus. My friends went to get strobe lights from another apartment and some random person asked if they were going to that "thug life party." Hello! It was madness. And also very short lived. Because the RA came by and stopped it. She got mad cause the music was too loud and "waking her baby up." (which is not even possible, the music was quiet) I think when the lights were turned on she was very thrown off by how many people were in there. Oh also quiet hours start at 10 and we were most definitely not following that rule. So everyone left. And I was terrified. But the short time of glory was awesome and will forever go down in history as definitely the biggest party in dorm history. Also a week or so later Shanon the RA came by with candy to say sorry for yelling at us. And it was all good :)

 7. French Party. I love France. And thats no secret. After a super awesome fireside from Russel M. Nielson, I invited some friends over to listen to French music such as Carli Bruni, Yelle, and the Les Miserables Soundtrack. We ate crepes and had a sophisticated mellow night haha. I we pretty burnt out from the wildness of the thug party. So I needed to take it down a few notches.

8. Greek Appreciation Party. At the time I was studying ancient Greece in Humanities and my roommate Steph also has a deep appreciate for the Greeks. So we decided to have a Greek Party! Now many were confused thinking this was a party for the show Greek or a toga party. But no, all we did was dress up in sheets and take a whole lot of pictures. Even though it was mellow. I really enjoyed it.

9. Easter Lunch. The day of general conference was Easter. So I had an Easter dinner with my "family" of friends. It was so wonderful. Super touching as friends. I am so grateful for all these people and still love them a lot. This was at the end of the semester. So kind of the last hurrah, if you will...We all pretended we were family and picked our roles. I was the Grandma because I was FHE coordinator that semester, aka Ward Grandma. The guy to my right is Travis and he was the Grandpa. Our family included crazy friends and crazy aunts. It was awesome.

Ok So thats about it haha. I've had many different smaller parties. But they aren't really worth noting here. I am looking forward to adding to my party collection next month. All I can say is I'm Taylor. And I like to party.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Seasons Turn

SO it just hit me like a pillow case full of batteries that I am leaving in a month to return to Rexburg in ONE MONTH! What the heck happened to the last four months? This has been the fastest fall of my entire college career! I feel incredibly blessed to say that it has been a really great fall due to an awesome fun family, ward, and new friends...oh and also a little thing I like to call a JOB! The Lord just really has blessed me with a situation I exactly needed to be in. I've saved money, had amazing experiences, and grown closer to my family!

But to get to the point of this post...It is so strange to me how things are seriously changing. Yesterday I realized I could very well get married and seven (or more) of my very best friends are going to miss my wedding because they will be on missions. It is a very real possibility and for the first time I actually feel very distraught over this realization. Everyone is really going their own ways. That never really bothered me before because everything always dwindles down to the same old. Your true friends will always be your friends and your family will always be your family. Its just crazy weird to me that some of my truest friends will miss my wedding. But you know, its what ever, they are doing whats best :)

And secondly, I started seriously packing for BYU-Idaho today because I'm sending some of my stuff off with friends this week, just in case I fly there. I pulled down my friends poster, Dwight bobble head, and Athena statue off shelf or wall. This chapter of my life is coming to a smooth close. I asked my mom when the next time I'll be home? Because honestly I'm not sure when I'll be home again. I have no definite plans of that (as made apparent by my last post). I mean I will be home for sure at some point, but I don't have a date yet...and that is so odd to me.

Its just the season is a turning. I am stinking excited (as made apparent by my last post). But you know how it is at my age? I just get super comfortable in one situation then jump up, uproot, and move again. Which is exactly what I am doing in one month. Crazy. Town. 



Sunday, November 21, 2010

I Heart the Future

If there is one thing I love, it is the future...Boy I love the future. I'm not sure if it is because I am young and have my "whole life ahead of me" or I Just have OCD and thoroughly enjoy planning...but I love it.

I just came home from visiting my family in California! I love them so much! And you know what I couldn't wait to tell them about! My future plans. I was thrilled to be with people who haven't heard me rant about my plans! And you know what! You my dear blog reader probably are wondering what are these said plans?

Well I'll tell you!

Come January I will be in the glorious land of Rexburg, Idaho. There I will freeze, get more stressed than I have ever been before, and go to sleep exhausted every night. I can't flipping wait! Along with that I will have new roommates in a new apartment I have wanted to live in for a while plus a new ward! I will have new classes I have wanted to take for my whole life (basically haha). The BYU-Idaho Center is opening! Equipped with sky bridges to avoid the rigid cold walks to class! Devotionals and spiritual upliftment wait around every corner! Friendly faces are everywhere I go; because as far as I know, everyone at BYU-Idaho is just a friend I haven't met yet! (or have!) And who knows! Maybe I'll meet some nice boy studying art who would like to take me on a date or two! I have already planned multiple parties including: Napoleon Welcomes You Back to Idaho party and FOOTSIES PJ partay! The possibilities and adventures are endless. I. Can. Not. Wait.


In April the semester will end! I will be overwhelmed and threaten to end my life rather than endure the pain of finals. But secretly still be so grateful for my life and experiences of BYU-Idaho. Following this pain one of the most joyous events of all will occur! One of my best friends Stephanie is getting married and I will be one of her bridesmaids! So back to California I'll go! This is where it gets really exciting, I could spend the week in San Fransisco (where I have never been, but always wanted to), beach camping with friends, Hemet with family, or back in Las Vegas for some much needed R and R. Hello!!! Amazing. I would love all those possibilities.

THEN (picture of me in Spring in my favorite secret spot of BYUI!)

I'll be back in Rexburg! For more timeless adventures! This is where my plans get a bit fuzzy. I'm not exactly positive where I'll be living or with who. I don't know what classes I'll be taking. And I don't know what ward I'll be in. But I can tell you this, I'll love it. Every stinking minute :)


EFY! If all goes according to plan. I will be an EFY counselor at BYU, BYU-Idaho, or both. The application comes out December 1. Then the fate of my summer will be decided. If I don't get in as a counselor, I will most likely spend my summer working at the library in Idaho. Which would honestly be wonderful. One of my dreams is to spend some time (not forever though!) in Rexburg to explore and enjoy places and things that would otherwise be unenjoyable due to the ever-present dark shadow that is homework. IF I do get in as a counselor, but for only a few weeks, I would love to travel! TO either Seatle, Portland, Salt Lake City (I know, not that exciting, but I love it there!), Las Vegas (eh, its home!), or San Francisco! Its going to be a great summer.


This is where it gets really exciting. I am currently working on my application to BYU. If I get in I will find myself at my parents alma mater. Just for one semester mind you! To try it out for fun. I'll take some silly history of rock music class and an obscure religion class and call it good. Hopefully I will be able to find a job at DSW or something. And even more hopefully, I will have a car by then! Because I wont be able to get an on campus job unless I am a full time student, which I wont be and don't really want to be.
Now the other option is to travel Europe in the fall! I have already missed the deadline for the tours I would like (European Religious Tour and European Humanities Tour), but I like to imagine traveling Europe in the fall nonetheless. I would like to study abroad...But...

I want to go on a mission! And that is basically the same price as Study Abroad to Europe. Yikes. There is no way I could afford both. SO my solution is to do a tour in which I'll spend a couple weeks and a lot less money in Europe. Good solution, Eh?

So there you have it. That is the year 2011 for me. All written out. Consider yourself lucky I spared you the details and explanations of specific events I am looking forward to like General Conference, the Festival of Colors, friends going on missions, and friends getting married for instance!

In conclusion, if some guy comes along and wrecks all my plans..well...that'll be ok with me I guess :) My days are numberd. I have two years to find a husband or I am going on a mission! SO consider this my message to my future husband, you've got to show up buddy or I am out of here for a year and a half! Let it be known though, I am seriously not looking for a husband. I'm just living and loving life.

K, that is the end of my rant...I think...

Footsie Party Preview :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I love a lot and not so much...

I love when my manager asks if anyone wants to work more hours! Not so much love when I stand for eight hours in 11 dollar heels from Target = very unhappy feet

I love when I am finishing up a project and a costumer comes up to the register, I ask them if they could wait just a minute, and they reply "There's no rush! Don't worry." Not so much though when a customer swears a lot at the counter and complains about the poor selection or rude customers...

I love working in a Shoe Warehouse...Not so much though when I am constantly tempted to by expensive shoes...

 Every Post needs a picture, so this is me and my friends making a hamburger cake for Kyle's birthday! I loved everything about this!

I love going to religious forums and learning about misconceptions of religions such as Islam, Sikh, LDS, Scientology, Christian Science, and Humanism in an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and sincerity. Not so much when that atmosphere is ruined by people totally lacking in an open mind; who yell at my friends for being arrogant and tell them to shut up in the middle of the forum.

I love going to little shows and hearing mellow music surrounded by creative artistic people. Not so much though when that environment is soiled by drugs and alcohol. Say what you will about drugs and alcohol, but that is not conducive to a positive uplifting surrounding.

Wow so I really hope this post doesn't sound totally pessimistic. I am completely sincere in both what I love and not so much. But at any rate, these are the thoughts of the day!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010


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I am in Love with my Schedule

Registration. What feelings come up in you when you read this word? Usually it causes frustration, anger, and irritation at the many problems associated with the website, slow internet, and the unexpected issues with credits and class requirements. In fact, I have experienced these classic registration woes myself. Using many a Mormon swear word to express my irritation...And yet still, those few times a year when registration finally comes along are some of my very favorite times of the year!

This morning I woke up at 5am to the feeling of excitement that Registration day was finally here! Months (and I do not exaggerate) of planning lead me up to this moment! I look at it like a competition! Secretly I hoped something would go wrong so I would have to think quick on my feet and find a solution. It gives me such a thrill to plan my schedule! And lucky for me something did go wrong! I had to decide on 4 more credits I didn't have in my final schedule plan. Within 35 minutes I have the next 4 months or so of my life planned! No more than 3 hours afterwards I have all my books figured out, how much they cost used and new at the book store compared to the Amazon prices...I am planning on saving so much money! I am so stoked! Whats even better! I am taking three critical thinking philisophical classes! Advanced Writing and Critical Thinking, Critical Thinking and Analysis, and Into to Ethics! HELLO! Some of my books include: Teach Yourself Film Studies, Puzzles About Art, What to Listen for in Music, and Looking at Art!!! Well I guess those are all from the same class, but I am so excited nonetheless!

 Final Classes:

Social Dance
Environmental Stewardship
Critical Thinking and Analysis (which is a Humanities class that shows how to analyze art with guidelines from the 13th article of faith)
Intro to Ethics (with the said "rock star" teacher of BYU-Idaho!)
Advanced Writing and Critical Thinking

The next month and a half will be full of adventures as I buy my books, finalize my work schedule, and learn more about these classes I love so much....My life is good...real good...

 This is me being a Philosopher :)
Or a nerdy overachiever...
either way... :)