Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Period Pieces

It's definitely no secret (to those who hear me rant) that lately my favorite movies seem to be royalty pieces. My last week in Rexburg my good friends Rachel and Becca and I watched two of my new favorite movies: Young Victoria and Marie Antoinette. Ever since, I can't seem to escape my new love of this genre.

Young Victoria is simply one of my new favorite movies ever. I've seen in three times in little over a month. The acting is spot on. Visually its incredible. The costumes, amazing. And the stories pulls at my heart strings every time. The sincerity of Prince Albert has left me with only one conclusion, I must find and marry someone exactly like him! (I can't help it)  And Queen Victoria's grace and nobility is more than inspiring.  But, moments of insecurity make her real...Please, I implore you to watch this film...and then let me know what you think!
Marie Antoinette is delightful. While not as kid appropriate as Young Victoria, I still enjoyed this long frilly Rococo film immensely.  It showed clearly the pressure of an inexperienced and ignorant Queen. I loved that the entire movie is spent exaggerating the hyperbole that was French royal life of the 17th century, while devoting a mere 5 minutes or so to the French Revolution. It shows the utter disassociation between the royal leaders and the French people.

Whats even more interesting, is to watch these movies one right after the other. Marie Antionette compared to Queen Victoria is quite the contrast. Queen Victoria grew up sheltered and manipulated, but when it came time to have responsibility while still a teenager, she walked up to the task with pride and honor. Marie Antionette seemingly found herself married off to the King of France while still a teenager.  She found her responsibilities to redecorating the palace and throwing lavish parties....Well anyways, I think its interesting :)

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