Monday, June 6, 2011

The Time Has Come

Ok so I have not written for a while because I have been busier than crap. I'm sorry for the ultimate anti-climatic story about Thursday. Basically we met some new friends and they said they would build us a bike, which they have yet to do. But the good news is we are all still friends.

Random Thoughts:
-The Fall is once again my least favorite time of the year. I could be in one of several places and I loath that uncertainty.
-I am rapidly running out of funds.
-I saw two of my favorite bands in SLC last weekend: Iron and Wine and Ratatat
-There is still a slight ringing in my right ear from how loud Ratatat was.
-That trip was incredibly relaxing. I threw all my worries out the window and just lived. It was beautiful.
-I have some incredibly talented friends/acquaintances. Right now I am listening to a rock opera called Deep Love that some of my friends/acquaintances made and it is beautiful.
-My apartment kind of drives me crazy.
-I'm not sure where my home is any more. Its a really wierd feeling.
-I'm learning FRENCH!
-I'm so tired.
-Every Tuesday I don't eat sugar, white flour, or white rice.
-I did yoga last week!
-Its going to be raining a lot for the next few days here and I am secretly overjoyed.
-I want to go to bed.
-I miss my family.
-Literature and Humanities are my favorite classes.
-I joined Philosophical Society.
-I have a series distaste for change.
-I adore BYU-Idaho.
-Today after work and classes, I went to indulge in the form of a delicious chocolate cookie, but when I went to make that purchase I only had 60 cents and it was 90 cents. I walked away saddened by my craving that came to no avail. Then a girl ran up after me and said "Hey!" and proceeded to give me the cookie. She actually bought the cookies for me. I searched for words adequate to express my gratitude, but none came to mind. She simply walked away and waved as I stammered a thank you. It was such a tender miracle.

First Semester Reunion
Ok thats all. G'night.

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