Sunday, August 21, 2011

Need. Work.

In my life I have had numerous jobs. Mostly short term obscure jobs. Consequentially, I almost always have more then one job at a time, except for when I am in school (in which case I have one glorious library job). It has become somewhat of a joke among my friends how I always manage to have 4 or 5 jobs at a time. And whats funny is people see this and think "wow, what a hard position." The sad reality is those 5 jobs amount to about 30 hours a week. Soon the time will come to leave my simple full time job in Idaho and return to the complicated web of work I've never quite grown accustomed to in Las Vegas. 

Yet, if there is any one truth I have grown to know in my years of college experience, is that everything always works out. Its just the process to get to that point that is a bit painful.

This last semesters finals were the hardest I've yet to encounter. Averaging 5 or 6 hours a sleep a night. Stress like I have never experienced. And the thought came to mind on more than one occasion "I have no idea how I am going to get this done, well time to sacrifice sleep" or "This is the most work I have ever had to do." After multiple mental breakdowns, poor grades (well B's), a new Dr. Pepper affinity, and too many days without a shower, I'm here to say I survived! And if I could survive that heck of a week, I'm sure I can survive a few crappy jobs!

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