Thursday, July 7, 2011

Why I Want to Live in France

In light of the recent most patriotic day of the year, 4th of July, I would write a little entry about why I want to live in France! My French teacher was born and raised in the south of France. It has been incredibly interesting to hear her thoughts about America and France, both good and bad. Here are some negative points I've learned about her life in France: her life was crappy, for a time they lived in the ghetto, you don't look people in the eye in France, it is incredibly worldy, its nearly impossible to find a job, gas is nearly ten dollars a gallon, it is very expensive to live there, and people don't go out to eat as much as we do because of it. Positives about France: she loves history and misses seeing castles and midevil villages every weekend, her home was ancient and gorgeous, France is gorgeous, its her home, its more democratic than America.

Some specifics differences:


France-you graduate high school with a bachelors, university (medical, law, business, all of it) is free and nearly everyone is admitted, you take an average of 30 credits a semester, college is HARD and competitive, everyone gets an hour break for lunch every day, classes always have over 300 students

America-High School graduation rate is incredibly low, even worse is college gradation. We pass through with bare minimum education in order to make the grade and get out of here. Standards are lowered so more people can graduate. Classes are over-sized too, but not as competitive. We take an average of 15 credits per semester in college.

Health Care:

France-Health care is all free (provided for by the tax money), no one pays for health, doctors get paid about a fourth of what they are paid here, they make in house visits, its more likely doctors are sincere and caring because they are paid less, medical school is twice as long in France (8 years) as it is here and its free. I have a secret wish to use the French health care system...sorry to smooch off their taxes...

America-Insurance companies rule your health, your life always has a price tag, many doctors and people working in the medical business are solely motivated by money


France and America-Each public school usually has a chef who buys organic food, the kids get full course balanced meals, my teacher is frequently disgusted by what we eat here, if the schools in France served kids what they do in public schools here, they would be sued. Or as my teacher says "Why don't they just give them poison!" In France people usually eat every four hours and eating time is sacred to all.

National Debt:

France and America are both in a huge economic recessions, probably more so in France. But America is in debt for getting in war, France is in debt for helping its people. What is more noble than caring for your people, giving them the best education and health possible? Unfortunately its lead to their downfall with scarcity in work and very high taxes, but the principles of France remain the same and those principles I admire greatly.

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