Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whats The!?

There are just some events in history that make me stand back in ah and say to myself "What the!?" So I've been thinking about those things and wanted to share some of those thoughts with you, my beloved blog followers...

John Lennon's Murder: All I can say is why? I mean it breaks my heart that this happened. Sometimes I'll be enjoying me some nice Sargent Pepper or Abbey Road and the thought will strike like a lightning bolt in my mind that one of The Beatles was murdered by an emotional out of wack individual.  It seriously is shocking to me. Here he is doing his thing. Supporting "peace" and what not. Trying to be a better father and make a difference (despite some of our political differences, I still admire him). And then he's shot. Its awful and still makes me sad every time I think of it.

Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Genghis Khan: Wow. These guys rock. I know they killed a lot of people and were a bit controlling. But holy smokes.

First of all "What the!?" Alexander the Great died in a drinking contest in his twenties after having conquered most of the known world. Nice one Alex.

Napoleon Bonaparte, hello! The French Revolution left France in such state of chaos. Killing royalty seemed to be the only unifying aspect of their government. Then Napoleon comes in like a stud and takes control! I know he made himself a dictator and definitely had his faults. But it makes me laugh a little that he just goes in there, creates order, and most of the French loved him!

And Genghis Khan! Speaking of order! This guys was organized! I know he killed a lot. But he did more for women's rights than anyone for the entire duration of the dark ages. His respect of women spread around all the lands he conquered. To this day in Mongolia the word "Mother" is never associated with any curse word of any kind, like it often is here in America.

Chopin. When I see Chopin in Heaven I want to thank him personally for the beautiful work he contributed to the world. The poet of the piano changed my opinion of classical music more than anyone. Beethoven, Mozart, and Bach all amaze, impress, and make me cry. But Chopin takes me heart and cradles it in every key. He takes me on an emotional journey more than Mozart ever could (no offence Mozart). Both French and Polish, he was buried in France. But his loved one's knew he would want to be burried in Poland. So they unburied his body, cut out his heart, dangled it on the fish skeleton wiring of his sister's (I believe) skirt, snuck across the border with it, and buried it in Poland. Can you say Romantic!?

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