Sunday, October 24, 2010

Finally! I know when I want to live!

So after much thought, I have officially decided on when I would have loved to have lived!!!

Born 1800, in England or Germany. Hello Queen Victoria yoooo. Hello Beethoven, Paganini, Liszt, and Chopin just to name a few! The renaissance and ancient Greece has already happened so wont miss anything there! And philosophy is all the rage at the time! The Romantic era brought the world some of the finest art, literature, philosophy, and music that in my opinion has never and may never be match again. I wouldn't be in France so I can avoid the whole mess of the revolution. And who knows, maybe I would meet a missionary and get the best of both worlds! Religion and art! Wow sometimes my mind is just blown by how awesome this era was.

Second choice would be ancient Greece :)


  1. Phew! I am so glad you got this question settled. Now you should really narrow down what ethnicity you want to be. ;)

  2. PS - I totally agree with your logic. :)

  3. Germany didn't exist as a nation-state until 1871 so thats out. There is no antibiotics, women have no right to vote, childbirth is dangerous and you'll go through it several times, only a slight majority of them will see tha age of 5. You can be Lutheran or Anglican. No other relgious groups will hve rights at that time.You are also ruled by a Monarch, and if there is a parliament, it doesn't reflect your views for sure.