Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Darn you Social Norms!

So I've been a little frustrated lately with something I like to call social norms. Here are all the problems I'd like to blame on my socioeconomic situation.

1. My lack of dating. Who cares if I go on dates? What does it matter, really? I have lots of friends, lots of guy friends. I have a lot of fun. And I'm independent financially, so who needs dates. Why do I feel all this pressure to be on dates? Thanks culture.
2. Getting a degree. If someone could explain to me the intrinsic value of an associates or bachelors or anything, that would be awesome. I love learning, why do I need a label to prove to the world that I am educated?
3. I need good grades. Who cares? I certainly do. But it drives me crazy. Thanks for the outside pressure.
4. I need to be super skinny, petite, and dress way girly cute. Who am I trying to impress? And why do girls need to dress super girly to impress boys.

Ok I think its obvious I subconsciously would like all these things, but I don't appreciate the outside superficial pressure.

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