Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What I've Learned So Far

Everyone tells me college is a place to discover what we love and what we want to do. I was thinking about it yesterday and realized I've learned a few things. So here's another list.

I'm afraid I don't have what it takes to be a teacher for anyone grades 0-12 (not ruling out college though)
I love cultures
I find myself researching other religions and countries in my spare time more than researching photography techniques
I hate editing pictures
I love film art
I have very little patience for shallow movies
Considering changing my minor to International Studies
I love to learn
I love school
I do not want a career I have to take home with me, I want work to be left at work
I do not want to start my own business 

Anyways, just some thoughts. Now here is a Sigur Ros song, just because I'm still in a Sigur Ros phase alright!

Favorite lyrics: 
Ó, góðan daginn
Ég úr þér ríf ísjaka
og grýlukertin 
og harðfenni
og hendi út á haf
Þar sem sjórinn flæðir
og salt ísinn bræðir

English Translation:
Oh, good morning
I pull from you icebergs
and icicles 
and frozen snow 
and throw out to the sea
Where the sea flows
and salt melts the ice

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