Tuesday, November 2, 2010

While I'm Waiting for my Nail Polish to Dry...

So its fairly late at night and I found this to be the perfect time to paint my nails red like J.K. Rowling on her Oprah interview. Sadly it is not the exact shade of red she had on, but fire engine red will have to do. I have quite the OCD when it comes to painting nails. I hate for there to be any sort of chip or imperfection in my nails. So I find I paint them quite often. Which leads me to my current pickle. My plan was to paint my nails and write the 15 missionaries I have promised myself I'd write. But I found that writing missionaries poses a threat to the perfection of my recently painted red nails. Which is why I am writing on my blog, rather than to poor missionaries who want nothing more than to receive a letter from me I'm sure :)

Thoughts as of Late:

I loved beach camping with my family in California. Seriously, loved it. I love San Diego. I love meeting Sister Missionaries. I love visiting old Jewish Temples. I love seeing crazy people dressed up for Halloween even when they aren't kids anymore. I love eating s'mores with my big family late at night. I love being accused of being on crack by my family. I love listening to ELO with my family. I love actually getting in the water for the first time in years at the beach. I love watching the sunset every night. I love yelling "Hazah!" in unison with my siblings and cousins. I love sea cave exploring. I love help with photography. I love dance parties in the car with my "sister" Raquel. I love driving from Carlsbad to Las Vegas all by myself. Basically....this trip was AWESOME.

I feel like Las Vegas is very similar to ancient Egypt...except for we aren't as cool...From the perceptive of the Old Testament, Las Vegas is worldly and deserty and an Oasis of sorts! Its just very strange to me to have this massive city in the middle of nowhere. Its kind of unreal to me. Especially after coming home from California where the majority of towns touch other towns. Nevada in and of itself is weird to me. Definitely not my favorite state...

And speaking of Nevada...I am seriously bummed I couldn't vote this election...I can't believe the guy I registered with didn't put in my application...

I have been very scatterbrained lately...Work was killer because of it. DSW only gave me 8 hours this week. Kill-er.

Well I think my nails are very nearly dried now. So I guess I can go to bed! Goodnight dear readers.

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  1. i'm so glad you loved california! i'm very proud of you for getting in the water :)

    you are great taylor. i love you!