Monday, December 6, 2010

Where is my hairbrush?

So recently I lost my ipod...once again...Last time I couldn't find it for two months or so and figured it was stolen or something. Turns out it was in a winter sweater pocket...for the entire spring...figures...So now I can't find it. But this time I left it in the ihome on my bed. When I came home the ihome was in the bathroom. My ipod was gone. I figured some forgetful sibling put it somewhere. But it has been a week. So the likes of my ipod remains to be seen.

This whole fiasco got my thinking though...What are some other items I've lost and sincerely wonder where they went from time to time...

1. This one picture I really liked! When I was a Beehive a leader gave me a picture of a girl reading the Scriptures in the desert with a candle. I put it on a little table by my bed. One night I was tired and when I leaned over to turn off the lamp, I bumped the picture and down it fell behind the night stand. I figured I'd look for it later. It slipped my mind for a while. When I returned to look for it once I came to my senses, I could not find it! That still bugs me to this day. I must have dropped it into some magical black hole behind my night stand...That's the only logical explanation.

 2. Mustard Yellow V-Neck. My senior year for Sadies I got my date and I this sweet Gap V-Neck. When I went to college I thought I had packed it. But could not find it. So naturally, I assumed it was still home. Upon my return I looked, and could not find it. I've checked in my brothers clothes (because it was a guy V-Neck) and they didn't have it! I have no idea where its gone. But I really miss it. (PS that is a pretty goofy picture of me. Seth looks good. And he looks better in that shirt than I do. But I mean, that shirt is awesome! I miss it!)

3. My Freshman Yearbook. That year I was actually on the yearbook staff! So what the heck! It was the only year I went to LVA and I super always wanted to show my Centennial friends how school was there. I wish I could look and see the parts I whited out cause some crazy friend wrote something inappropriate when they signed. Or show how super awkward I looked all the time, because that is always how I felt. Or just show them and say! Look! See how much I've improved! But alas, I haven't seen that bad boy in years. I've looked in the dreaded garage even. And still I can not find it.

4. My Middle School Year Book. Hello, American Heritage. I had that yearbook for a day, tops. My Mom thinks it was stolen. I have no idea. All I know is I lost it before I even had a chance to read what everyone wrote in it. Which is highly dissapointing. I still really wish I knew what it said in there. Plus, I want to do the same I would with my Freshman year book, compare myself then to how I am now!

5. Red I-Pod Nano. This, I've already explained. Its been missing for just one week. So I still have hope!

Well anyways, that is all I can think of for my list of things I've lost. If you come across any of these items. Feel free to let me know :)

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