Friday, December 31, 2010

Uh Oh

So something terrible has happened. I discovered a Communications cluster at BYU-Idaho called Video...Are you freaking kidding me?? VIDEO!? I literally feel like the very foundation of my education plans has just experienced an earthquake. SO you mean to tell me, BYU-I, that there is a cluster that teaches you about film? How to make clear, effective, beautiful films?! Why is this happening to me! The temptation is staggering to just say Eh and go for it! I haven't taken any film classes. But I mean, what the heck, right? I am majoring in Humanities so I'd have to see if they would let it fly...And I'm not sure what I would do in accordance with possibly clustering/minoring in Photography as well...

And I want a T2I so terribly bad lately...Like thats all I want in my life right a T2i...and also the knowledge and programs to edit videos...But first, to own a T2i...I only need like 500 more dollars!

All of this is due to a little video a Communications major at BYU-Idaho made with his T2i. Thanks Joseph. Thanks a lot.

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  1. ok. remember when you asked, do you know that guy? you did NOT say joseph. you said something else...promise.

    I do know him. I went on a date with him once. He's very talented.