Thursday, October 20, 2011

It's About Time!

So I apologize for being the ultimate slacker blogger. But, what can I say? I've been relatively busy. Some weeks its non stop work, other weeks are more slow. I have four jobs. Those include but are not limited to DSW, School Photography at Capture Studio, Henderson Pavilion, and odd jobs for my Mom at Journey Education! The Lord is really taking care of me. Every week its a surprise and I never really know what it holds, but random things always turn up and save me! I've been attending the best institute class ever. Old Testament with Brother Fatheringham. I've been wanting to take his class since I was a senior in High School! I am loving it so much. Every Tuesday my mind is blown, similar to how I used to react to my philosophy classes. So needless to say, its the greatest.

I've been enjoying a few British shows like Dr. Who and Sherlock. Too bad British shows are so short! My mission friends are sorely missed by me. I talk about them a lot to my friends here in Vegas. I'm worried their getting sick of it. Belle and Sebastian have been greatly comforting lately. Las Vegas is sometimes impressive. The weather is decent. I miss the snow. And Rexburg. I detest the desert just as much as I always have if not more. Time is flying though! And soon I'll be back in my frozen paradise!

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