Sunday, January 2, 2011

I'm Sick

For the past two weeks or so I have been surrounded by sick people. My friends, family, and coworkers, all sick. I get sick this time of year literally every year. And since I had made it past New Years, for some reason I thought I was in the clear. But I was sadly mistaken. Now I have a fever of some sort...or maybe the chills...Either way. I am sick. And tomorrow morning I fly to Rexburg, Idaho. And two days after that I will begin my long anticipated semester. I have taken medicine, herbs, essential oils, drank lots of water, and got a Priesthood blessing. I really think shortly I will feel better...I really hope shortly I will feel better...

Packing has been some what of a nightmare. As if packing weren't bad enough, doing it while sick is almost unbearable. I still need to finish up and bring my stuff over to Ju's.

But here are some thoughts I've been having lately:

I think it is interesting how smoothly this chapter of my life is coming to a close. I feel like every other time I have moved or a friend goes on a mission or leaves for college, I make a huge deal. But all three of those things are happening and I don't feel that much different. That's my life now. Moving and placing myself in new and unfamiliar situations in order to grow. My friends doing the same I guess just is expected now.

I loved working at DSW. It was so sad saying goodbye to everyone. Some people I didn't think liked me very much were sweet and considerate. My manager told me I would always have a job there. I was taking some boxes to pack my stuff in and he had one of the employees help me carry it out. Teri is one of the sweetest kindest women I have ever met. She trained me on the register and on my last day we were on the register together. Like master and student working side by side. I loved it. The people I work with are seriously fascinating. Everyone has their own unique story and its interesting how even a short time with people can make such an impact.

At Singles Ward today I was sick. I didn't talk to very many people. But as I saw the priesthood pass the sacrament I thought how most of them are going to be in Las Vegas for a while. Continuing on with their life here. Its so odd to me. That this life I've had here isn't changing without me. At BYU-Idaho every semester is literally different. But in Vegas it is very constant. The singles ward will always be here.

These new friends I made here are pretty amazing. They are like my brothers. I am going to miss them sincerely. Its been the most interesting friendships I have ever had for sure. But I learned so much. I hope they did to. What I really hope is I was able to make them better people. Honestly thats all I want is to inspire people to be better after they know me. I have been so inspired by the people I've met. I feel blessed to have had such great friends while I'm home and I know we will be friends for a while.

I am so looking forward to going back to school. I will list some reasons I am excited:
Temple, every week
Devotional, every week
Church, every week
A New Calling!
New Friends!
A New Ward!
New Classes!
New Roommates!
Pretty much I am extremely excited. Unfortunately by body seems to lack the spare energy to portray this excitement. I can't believe its tomorrow. Literally. Its hard for me to even pack because I still don't feel the pressure.

Lastly, I love my family. Very much. If all I did this fall was hang out with my family, I would have been happy. It has been wonderful. First of all, we are a pretty funny bunch of people. Watching youtube videos and laughing till we cry will always be a cherished memory for me. Secondly, we were able to do baptisms as a family in the Las Vegas temple. What a tender experience. I loved that I was able to do family history while I was here and be baptized for some of my ancestors with my family. I loved just eating dinner with my family and talking to them. It started being weird for me to be alone in my room if my family was at home. I loved it. We went on some fun trips and it has been incredible.

Well that's it. My next post will be brought to you straight from BYU-Idaho. Crazy. Town.

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