Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dream [Wedding] List

I have a terrible habit of looking at Wedding Photography Blogs all the day long; and time and time again the most gorgeous of clothes, decorations, and jewlery show up! I'd like to share some of those with you :)
p.s. YES, most of these are wedding oriented...but its no secret that wedding planning is basically my favorite

                                 I LOVE THESE SLEEVES!
                                                            Hello, couches...amazing

                                         Vintage plates...does it get any better?
                                                                    I love the hanging lights
All of these pictures were taken from the most incredible website in the world: ONCEWED.COM
for info on the dresses, photographer, location, and everything else, go to that website!

When I become a photographer,  I want nothing more to have my photography look like the above. This is just incredible to me...

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  1. Heck with photography, I want my whole WORLD to look like that! Gorgeous!

    By the way - I believe that is the 3rd post in a row you have mentioned marriage/weddings. Don't think I didn't notice. ;)