Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I am in Love with my Schedule

Registration. What feelings come up in you when you read this word? Usually it causes frustration, anger, and irritation at the many problems associated with the website, slow internet, and the unexpected issues with credits and class requirements. In fact, I have experienced these classic registration woes myself. Using many a Mormon swear word to express my irritation...And yet still, those few times a year when registration finally comes along are some of my very favorite times of the year!

This morning I woke up at 5am to the feeling of excitement that Registration day was finally here! Months (and I do not exaggerate) of planning lead me up to this moment! I look at it like a competition! Secretly I hoped something would go wrong so I would have to think quick on my feet and find a solution. It gives me such a thrill to plan my schedule! And lucky for me something did go wrong! I had to decide on 4 more credits I didn't have in my final schedule plan. Within 35 minutes I have the next 4 months or so of my life planned! No more than 3 hours afterwards I have all my books figured out, how much they cost used and new at the book store compared to the Amazon prices...I am planning on saving so much money! I am so stoked! Whats even better! I am taking three critical thinking philisophical classes! Advanced Writing and Critical Thinking, Critical Thinking and Analysis, and Into to Ethics! HELLO! Some of my books include: Teach Yourself Film Studies, Puzzles About Art, What to Listen for in Music, and Looking at Art!!! Well I guess those are all from the same class, but I am so excited nonetheless!

 Final Classes:

Social Dance
Environmental Stewardship
Critical Thinking and Analysis (which is a Humanities class that shows how to analyze art with guidelines from the 13th article of faith)
Intro to Ethics (with the said "rock star" teacher of BYU-Idaho!)
Advanced Writing and Critical Thinking

The next month and a half will be full of adventures as I buy my books, finalize my work schedule, and learn more about these classes I love so much....My life is good...real good...

 This is me being a Philosopher :)
Or a nerdy overachiever...
either way... :)

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