Friday, November 26, 2010

Hi, My Name is Taylor and I Like to Party

SO over the years I have had quite a few themed parties. This has become somewhat a hobby of mine. Soon I will add a "Bye Buddy, Hope You Find Your Dad: Elf Going Away Party." Needless to say, I am very excited for this. Lately, I have reminisced about the parties I've had in the past. I thought you, dear blog reader, would enjoy joining me in this nostalgic party, if you will...

1. Masquerade Ball: This party happened at the beginning of my Senior year. And what a delight it was. I talked to my friends about the thought of having a formal party and the feedback was great. In fact, everyone enjoyed dressing up so much we had weekly dress up days for weeks after the party. But I I invited about 60 people to the party. My house was pretty full. People popped in over the fence. A few didn't dress up, which was disappointing, mostly the party crashers though. But that was not a problem. We danced, laughed, and ate some delicious fancy food. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure I said the requirment for all food brought was that it had to be "fancy." This party was the party to begin all parties.

2. Fake Sadies Valentines Day Party. Well I can't find any pictures of this. But me and my friends had a fake sadies because I couldn't go to the real one. It was a super fun date. And it ended with a Valentines dance party in my house!

3. Fancy Vintage Dance Partay. This was a combined Birthday party between myself, Trey, Matt, and Raquel. Oh and it was most excellent. I had a good time trying to explain to everyone how to dress up. As most of my parties are pretty confusing, but it always works out. We had a big birthday cake with all the birthday peeps name. And the party was simply excellent.

4. Funeral/Going Away Partay. When any of my friends go to college we say we "die." So we have a funeral. Usually this is just a get together and some good time fun. But because I LOVE formal parties. I had one to celebrate my leaving. For some reason, I have no pictures at all of this. Nor have does anyone, I think. Which makes this party a little mysteries..but you know, whatever...Anyways, it was great. I invited some new good friends I'd met through institute. It was a smaller party with mostly close friends. But it was a blast and a great way to say goodbye to that chapter in my life!


5. Impromptu 80's Partay! Ok so now I wen to college in January. My party loving was in full swing. One Friday I just decide I want to have an 80's party. So an 80's party I have! I invited everyone I've met so far. So not a TON of people. But it was a great way to really get to know my neighbors! Some friends and I went to DI that morning. I already had plenty of 80's clothes. The party began with like 7 people. I didn't even be carin. I just danced by myself. Blasted the tunes and I was loving life. Then more and more peeps came. IT WAS AWESOME! That literally was the best. I met a lot of friends through that party!

6. THUG LIFE PARTAY! This may or may not be the biggest party I have ever had. The week was spent in preparation by listening to a lot of rap. We hit up DI and Walmart to get fake nails and gangsta clothes. I invited LITERALLY every single person I met in Idaho. So about 50 people. It was crazy. My dorm was totally packed. We broke a lot of the rules though. We had 3 strobe lights and all the lights off. And there should be one light on when boys are in the dorm. But there were 3 flipping strobe lights! Anyways, there was hardly room to dance. Even though it was around 0 degrees outside, a lot of people went outside and danced to cool off. I really wish the music was louder. But there were so many people I had not invited. Word spread all around campus. My friends went to get strobe lights from another apartment and some random person asked if they were going to that "thug life party." Hello! It was madness. And also very short lived. Because the RA came by and stopped it. She got mad cause the music was too loud and "waking her baby up." (which is not even possible, the music was quiet) I think when the lights were turned on she was very thrown off by how many people were in there. Oh also quiet hours start at 10 and we were most definitely not following that rule. So everyone left. And I was terrified. But the short time of glory was awesome and will forever go down in history as definitely the biggest party in dorm history. Also a week or so later Shanon the RA came by with candy to say sorry for yelling at us. And it was all good :)

 7. French Party. I love France. And thats no secret. After a super awesome fireside from Russel M. Nielson, I invited some friends over to listen to French music such as Carli Bruni, Yelle, and the Les Miserables Soundtrack. We ate crepes and had a sophisticated mellow night haha. I we pretty burnt out from the wildness of the thug party. So I needed to take it down a few notches.

8. Greek Appreciation Party. At the time I was studying ancient Greece in Humanities and my roommate Steph also has a deep appreciate for the Greeks. So we decided to have a Greek Party! Now many were confused thinking this was a party for the show Greek or a toga party. But no, all we did was dress up in sheets and take a whole lot of pictures. Even though it was mellow. I really enjoyed it.

9. Easter Lunch. The day of general conference was Easter. So I had an Easter dinner with my "family" of friends. It was so wonderful. Super touching as friends. I am so grateful for all these people and still love them a lot. This was at the end of the semester. So kind of the last hurrah, if you will...We all pretended we were family and picked our roles. I was the Grandma because I was FHE coordinator that semester, aka Ward Grandma. The guy to my right is Travis and he was the Grandpa. Our family included crazy friends and crazy aunts. It was awesome.

Ok So thats about it haha. I've had many different smaller parties. But they aren't really worth noting here. I am looking forward to adding to my party collection next month. All I can say is I'm Taylor. And I like to party.

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  1. Such gorgeous party pictures. These photos made me smile. I also love parties and my mom’s birthday is approaching soon soI want to do something special on her big day. What about the golden and white themed surprise party at one of her favorite Los Angeles venues?