Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Things I love a lot and not so much...

I love when my manager asks if anyone wants to work more hours! Not so much love when I stand for eight hours in 11 dollar heels from Target = very unhappy feet

I love when I am finishing up a project and a costumer comes up to the register, I ask them if they could wait just a minute, and they reply "There's no rush! Don't worry." Not so much though when a customer swears a lot at the counter and complains about the poor selection or rude customers...

I love working in a Shoe Warehouse...Not so much though when I am constantly tempted to by expensive shoes...

 Every Post needs a picture, so this is me and my friends making a hamburger cake for Kyle's birthday! I loved everything about this!

I love going to religious forums and learning about misconceptions of religions such as Islam, Sikh, LDS, Scientology, Christian Science, and Humanism in an atmosphere of respect, understanding, and sincerity. Not so much when that atmosphere is ruined by people totally lacking in an open mind; who yell at my friends for being arrogant and tell them to shut up in the middle of the forum.

I love going to little shows and hearing mellow music surrounded by creative artistic people. Not so much though when that environment is soiled by drugs and alcohol. Say what you will about drugs and alcohol, but that is not conducive to a positive uplifting surrounding.

Wow so I really hope this post doesn't sound totally pessimistic. I am completely sincere in both what I love and not so much. But at any rate, these are the thoughts of the day!

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