Saturday, March 12, 2011

So Anyways...

I am officially pale. There's no denying it. I was talking to my roommate about something and said "well I'm tan." Or something like that. And she said, no Taylor, your pale. As if trying to desperately grasp for air, I said I'm tan! But to my complete horror I looked again in the mirror with clear eyes, and there was no denying, I am pale.

Bob Dylan. I love that guy.

I got sick again, but feel worlds better right now! And started my homework super late...but luckily I still have a few hours of homework time before I go crazy and decide I have to go party.

I think I'm taking floral arrangement next semester. I'm pretty stoked. Especially because I just went to the Bridal Flower Show here and it was incredibly inspiring.

Keeping it are some things I love:

This American Life
Being Human
Lap Tops
the Weather
this crazy guy who is playing the guitar way loud upstairs
my awesome secret study spot
cool lighting
How I started talking to a "model" at the bridal show because I thought I knew him, then on second thought I didn't. Oops.
Indie guys. What can i say?
Folk music
That Brittany had her baby!!!!!!


  1. hey i went to that flower show once. the best part was at then end some random guys were just playin their guitars and singing in the front of the benson. and they were really good. and really cute. i probably should have kissed one of them.

    i'm always pale. it's just real life.

  2. Casey J. That is a very inspiring story. Next time cute boys sing in front of the Benson. Now you'll know what to do! I love your comments Casey! And I'm so glad we can be pale together! I'm not alone!!!