Monday, March 21, 2011

I'm a Feminist, and I'm a Mormon

We have been learning about feminism in Philosophy lately. I've considered myself a feminist since last year in Philosophy when I learned what feminism actually is. Lately its been the favorite joke at work between me and my awesome friend Becca that Jamie (our only male coworker) is a sexist. I'm not sure how funny he thinks it is, but its hilarious, truly. We always joke about the man oppressing us. Anyways, it really is funny. And it doesn't sound like it on here, but take my word for it!

Anyways, in class today my philosophy teacher (now a stake president!) said how closely feminism works with LDS doctrine. He said somebody in our class should begin a talk with "Hi my name is so and so and I'm a feminist!" Just to get everyones attention. And then he said, "But not in my stake!"

Feminism is an incredibly broad philosophy. So much so that saying I'm a feminist doesn't say very much about me without going into further detail. So here are some quick thoughts: women have obviously been oppressed throughout history. Aristotle maybe is the biggest sexist ever saying "the male is by nature superior, and the female inferior; the one rules, and the other is ruled." I'm told this is one of Aristotle's more tame sexist quotes. The media and common culture treat women as objects to be enjoyed by men. Women do NOT want to be equal with men. What does that even mean? And whats so great about men that we would want to be their equals? We just want common respect and balanced power. Feminism is a philosophy of caring. We say be partial to your family and loved ones! But obviously, still support justice.

Where I disagree with feminism though, is they claim gender is completely a social construct. One is not born a woman but becomes one. (and whats interesting is according to society, lesbians are not women because "women" as defined by society, are meant to please work with a man) I think gender is eternal. Though the question remains, what is female-ness? What is male-ness? This is a question I don't think anyone has the answer to. But alas, I'm not sure it is necessary these questions are answered at all.

Also after class I was joking with my good friend Khand about making a profile on the saying something along the lines of "I have short spiky hair, I'm a feminist, and I'm a Mormon." :)

Lastly, in English today a student gave a presentation on homosexual couples and raising kids. He did the research and found kids are exactly the same with heterosexual and homosexual parents, except children from the latter homes tended to value school more. I find it always fascinating how open minded people are here. I love that I am at a very conservative school and never feel like anything is slanted one way.

Ok, so there's my controversial post for the day. Good night!

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