Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Is College Supposed to be Fun?

As the end of the semester comes dangerously close, some thoughts have dawned upon my worn down mind...Ought I to have fun in college? Now regardless of the intensely philosophical discussion I could spark with this question, lets focus on the prima facie (face value). This semester I've worked and participated in some fun activities...watched movies, sang songs, helped make films, laughed a lot with roommates, went to Utah, played futsal, ate a lot of crap...sounds like a decent college experience to me. But, without a doubt the vast majority of my time is spent working, going to school, or doing homework. These seems appropriate though. I think what troubles me though is as the semester ends, I am getting older. Closer to graduation and closer to applying to grad school. What troubles me is my lack of substance for my resume. I literally have been involved with nothing in college. School, the library, and a brief relationship with I-Comm and Photographic Society. Whats even more disheartening is I have a good friend I'll call Marty (and this person embodies all friends I have like this) who is involved in all sorts of things: I-Comm to the extreme, Get Connected Council, Student Ambassadors, Philosophy Society, Sports, Honor Code thing, etc...And the thing is Marty is getting a full tuition scholarship because he is involved!!! What!?!?! Ok he is not involved in all these things, but he is on the Honor Code Council as a director of advertising or something. He literally stumbled upon the position and didn't even realize he was getting a scholarship from it. Or Lars, who's a director of Get Connected or an intramural sport who also has a scholarship from being involved!

What makes me so shocked by all of this is I spend every second (hyperbole) trying to get straight A's. And by George, I may have done it this semester (KNOCK ON WOOD!). There is something that a college student prizes more than money and a boyfriend (hyperbole), and that is time! I spend all my time working, working, working, to make money and get straight A's so I can get more money to pay for school. It is an activity largely done alone, makes you pale, fat, exhausted, and causes a great amount of stress. But people like Lars and Marty get to be involved, surrounded by friends, do something they love, and have something to put on their resume and STILL get the same results I get from stressing over homework and tests.

This all is a little crazy I realize. But its something I've been mildly concerned about. I am incredibly happy all the time here. But its weird to me seeing people out having fun times in the week and still getting a scholarship. But to each his own!

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