Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Schedule Time

Before I begin, I'd like to make it clear I love planning and registering for classes. But sometimes it can get pretty frustrating. I had this dream schedule planned since January of this year! I'd take Art History, Spirituality in the Arts, Christan History, Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation, and Practical Homemaking. I'd get out at 12:30 on Monday and Wednesday, 4:45 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, every day would start at 9:45, and NO classes Fridays! Well things took a very serious turn for the worst when I talked to a Humanities department guy and realized Art History 201 is not needed for my major. Its game time for me. I can't afford to take three classes all willy nilly (Christian History, Practical Homemaking, and evidently Art History were unnecessary). So I've just spent the last two or three hours revising my schedule. I still have no class Friday which is wonderful. But the rest of the schedule is just not ideal. No fun classes. My major classes are just never offered! So I have very little options especially because I am so far along with foundations and my major. So here is the final cut for classes (unless something else happens like they get full before I can register, which probably will happen): Foundations Capstone, French, Family Foundations, Spirituality in the Arts, and Fundamentals of Literary Interpretation. Tuesdays schedule is basically the same. But on Monday and Wednesday I have class at 9, then work for 5 hours, and then class from 3:15-6:00pm! I love that I keep breaking all my scheduling rules. That is so stinking late. But I think its good cause I'll get more work time in and then maybe I can work less on Friday (which most likely I wont, and I'll just work more...) Anyways, next semester is dry pure unadulterated no nonsense school time. Eh. 

But on the bright side! It will be warmer, Snoasis will come back!, new ward (not that I don't love my ward, but it'll be fun to change), new apartment (dido), new people, and Keri and Rachel will be back. Its going to be real good. 

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