Sunday, February 6, 2011


I love my major, I'm not sure if I've mentioned that before? Alright...we all know I have, and that I may have exhausted the topic...But let it be known, I am in love with the Humanities...

But here's the thing. There is a building on campus and it is called the Spori building. Its where all the visual arts have their classes. Where the incredible student art gallery is. And frankly its a beautiful building. I always see students busily running around with art projects in hand. Or groups of students working together on some project. There is always a sense of belonging in there. They all LOVE as well as CREATE art TOGETHER. It is a sense of community that I have yet to experience. I wish so badly I could join in their art club (and I intend to with photography and video).

Just recently in my Humanities class I've been getting in to minor disagreements with students and even my teacher about Aesthetics and what is good and worth while about art. In a sense, I've been defending "bad" things. Only because the total absence of bad does not at all make it good. I am interested in art, not entertainment. I couldn't care less about entertainment. And I want to be uplifted and enlighten by everything I see, read or watch. But there were actually people in my Humanities class who disagreed. Saying they already know enough about the world and society because they live in it (and I'm not talking about the "world," I'm talking about the very essence of humanity!!!). They don't need to read about it. I was shocked. There must have been a misunderstanding. I found out a later one of my friends overheard a girl talking and said "you know I think I agree with Taylor..." So I know I've got one person on my team!

Its just I have such a passion for the Humanities. So much so that I could bust. And could talk about it all day. I long to be a part of a Spori-like society. Where people like me can gather and rant about obscure artwork without being thought of as weird.

And I do have friends who I can talk to about this. Becca at work is for sure someone I love talking to about the arts. And I am so grateful for people who will listen to me go on and on about what I've learned that day.

I just wish people would come out of the cave, open their hearts, and realize the beauty that is around them.

ART I have been Contemplating as of Late:
Jose Orozco painted Prometheus in the dinging hall of a college in California. I just wrote an essay today about  this painting. Students have complained and expressed sincere discomfort because this large mural is unavoidable as they try to eat their lunch; requesting that it be painted over. Prometheus was a Titan who brought fire to humans. Zeus punished him for stealing and sharing the fire. The fire represents intellect and enlightenment. My favorite part of  the painting is some of the people reach toward the fire with open arms, and others look away, preoccupied. Similarly, students reach for their education, while others find themselves occupied with other matters. And of course, I say heck no, it should not be painted over.
Pieta by Michelangelo is my favorite sculpture ever. Learning more and more about the Catholic image of Mary is amazing.  According to them, she came to this earth to work directly with Christ in his mission to deliver us from sin. Pieta is a beautiful image of Mary holding Christ's body, and usually John the Evangelist is there, and Joseph of Arimathea are in the picture. 
Birth of Venis by Botticelli.
The Platonic beauty of this piece is incredible. Venus is perfect in beauty. It makes you enlightened and seek for the perfection we had in the life before this.
Goya's Saturn Devouring His Son may or may not be the most disturbing painting of all time. He painted this during a very dark time in his life. Its from a series of paintings called the Black Paintings (I believe). This was painted straight on to his dining room wall and he never intended it for it to be seen by the public. He often painted social injustice.


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  1. I always found Goyo's painting especially poignant, especially when considering that it is about the Emperor Napoleon and his conquests of Spain.
    I think that Goyo is warning us against empire and conquests, very interesting symbolism.