Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I want to go to GRADUATE SCHOOL!

So today my amazing Humanities professor sat down with me and talked out potential careers I could have with a degree in Humanities. I never really considered a graduate program thinking it is too expensive...and basically that is the only reason...But I discovered the Art History and Curatorial Studies Masters Program at BYU!!!!! I want to do it so badly! I am well on my way to getting in to the program. There are only five students in the program right now...so I'd have to work hard to get in. But I am so thrilled! When I get this degree I could be a Museum Curator, Librarian, or Teacher!!!! Hello legit career options! In your face Humanities haters! :)

ALSO! Current aspirations:

Learn French (I need to for both my Bachelors and Masters anyways)

Become a really sleek photographer

Get straight A's

Go to yoga once a week

Create a seriously beautiful short film (which is very likely to happen this week or next)

Learn to cook

Finish all the Sigur Ros documentaries

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