Sunday, February 27, 2011


My beautiful friend Cassidy presented an idea to me, and that idea has bloomed like a flower. I missed the deadline to actually go to BYU, but it doesn't mean I can't live there. I am seriously considering moving there in the fall with two of my friends from BYU-I. Do you have any idea have amazing that would be!? And if I could manage to some how get a full time job...well words can hardly describe how great it would be! Just a totally new experience...Wow...I am so excited...I would go to institute, and the BYU activities, and read books in their giant library, and go to the incredible student exhibit!!!

Second, Sister Julie B. Beck said hi to me yesterday! I was studying upstairs in the MC by the big fireplace. She came out of a meeting and walked down the fall. I assumed she was gone forever, but she came back. I wondered if she'd see me! I was still in my church clothes and reading the scriptures. I looked at her and she looked me in the eye, got the biggest warmest smile I've ever seen, and waved! I was elated! I waved back and tried to give the biggest smile I could muster! And I know she was looking at me because I was the only person in there! She is incredible. I can feel the love she has for the women of this gospel. It was the best thing.

I love my friend Cassidy, a lot. And her roommates are amazing. I came over and we made up songs about Justin Bieber and his glasses compared to sunsets. And danced around like crazy people. And they have a cardboard castle, in their apartment! With a drawbridge! When you enter you say "let the drawbridge down!" And they have this string system to pull it down! Amazing.

Also, Boys are dumb. No big deal.

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  1. that sounds WAY fun taylor!! what a marvelous idea. cassidy seems to be full of those.

    indeed...boys are dumb. that's why we throw rocks at them.