Wednesday, February 9, 2011


As I sit here at nearly 1:00 in the morning, I have this incredibly weight on my solders, and its name is HOMEWORK.

Ethics: write a paper, read a chapter, take a quiz

Humanities: read a chapter

D&C: read, write a journal, write a mid-term paper

Writing: finish Synthesis essay, get it together

Environmental Stewardship: quiz, rewrite blog entry

This all needs to be done in the next two days. Easy. Childs play.

Random Time:

-Today was incredible
-I am terribly sore :)
-I fell on my back as I went to kick the ball playing Futsal
-I was the only girl on my Futsal team today
-We lost, BUT we made our first point just as the buzzer went off! We ran around like we won the game. It was probably the best moment of our Futsal Team experience.
-Today in Ethics I discovered I am an Objectivist again! Oh how I love truth.
-In peer editing in Writing the brilliant guy I sit by said my paper was "genius" :)
-I got FULL bangs today baby!
-Also new sweet layers!
-I have not been working enough at all :/
-I have been working out though!
-Endorphins are the beez neez. 
-Valentines is on Monday. No big deal.
-My aunt Rachel is amazing and sent me Peanut Butter Delights in the mail from California!!!
-I've only got two left...
-I watched Fantastic Mr. Fox and it is still one of my favorite movies ever.
-We are watching North By Northwest in Humanities. Life couldn't be any better.

HOMEWORK. I have decided I am taking too many classes. 

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