Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Bunch Of Stuff

This morning Sister Jule B. Beck, the general Relief Society President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints spoke to the Relief Society of practically all of Southern Idaho in the BYU-Idaho center. It was incredible. She knows what she is talking about. She has a deep understanding of the gospel that penetrates her heart. The whole thing was just a Q and A. Women would stand up and ask questions, and she would answer. It was interesting. Some of the questions included personal situations like "I'm a recent convert...I'm a single mother...My children have strayed from the church...I'm single..." But every answer always came back to Christ. And what I find especially interesting, is that people ask these individual questions and I wonder what kind of answer they are looking for. I know many of these women sincerely were seeking revelation and inspiration from Sister Beck's answers, but other times I think they were looking for an exact answer, like a list of things to do.

Literally every answer included to read your scriptures. One girl asked what can we do besides diligent scripture study and prayer to prepare for a mission. Sister Beck struggled to find an answer. To make the words of the scriptures a part of you is so all encompassing. I think sometimes we (myself included) look for these complicated detailed answers. But we go about it all wrong. It is through sincere study and prayer that the answers come from inside us. Then we truly know because the Holy Spirit has answered our questions from within. In a sense, it is a complicated thing to read the scriptures, and yet so incredibly simple. I have a new goal to read for 30 minutes every day and have already seen miracles come to my life as I've strived to do this.

But my favorite instruction she gave was to PREPARE TO GO ON A MISSION! She said we should always be preparing to serve a mission. So for me, individually, regardless if I get married this year or five years or whatever, I need to prepare to serve a mission. This will help in so many respects, with marriage, mission, or just my personal inspiration.

But side note complaint, some guys say to me "you should plan to go on a mission." (they think I would go just because I'm not married and have time to kill) Sister Beck addressed this, though, with saying to always prepare to go on a mission. BUT, sometimes it bums me out because I'm pretty sure guys are turned off to dating me if they find out about my thoughts of going on a mission. First, They know how great missions are and don't want to deter me from my chance of going myself with dating. Second, It takes me one step closer into the best friends zone (which seems to be my Oedipus Rex), because they feel so comfortable around me, thinking I have no intention of dating them.

But I digress, my life is good. I'm staying on campus all day to do homework and at 5 I'll go to Stake Conference. Now I just need to focus. Its game time.

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