Monday, January 17, 2011


For some reason no word is more odious to me when describing a home. This word is great when describing horrible acts of villains or malicious people, but never to describe my home. For some reason people I live with love to use this word when describing the state of the dishes or kitchen floor. I love the dishes and the kitchen floor. And just because the sink has a few dishes in no way makes it disgusting. My apartment is extremely clean and well kept compared to nearly every apartment I have ever seen. So when this word is thrown around, as it has in every home I have lived in I feel, it instantly brings down moral. It is is like they are personally attacking me because this is my home; the place in which I live, sleep, eat, and have fun. My home=me.

But seriously, no offense. If anyone I have lived with reads this, no offense. I know you don't mean harm.

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