Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whats Up With That

Today at Devotional the speaker said about finding a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse "Seek ye diligently, and ye shall find." hahahhahahaha

But, despite how funny that is, I have been a little peeved lately. I tried so hard to never write a post about this, but I can not contain my frustration any longer. 

We hear lesson after lesson about dating and not hanging out and how to stay safe on dates. But heres the thing, I rarely go on dates. Well I should try harder, right? I should make an effort to meet new people and ask them to hang out and make the "first move." Well done and done. I basically only invite guys to hang out. I meet new people all the time. And still, no dates. I mean, what more can I do? Its frustrating because it is truly a feeling of helplessness, this dating game for girls. There honestly is nothing else I can do. Except for ask boys on dates...which has not been the best situation from my experience..

And the thing is, I would not even be that annoyed, except for there are all these incredible girls I am friends with who don't go on dates. What the heck boys! Seriously, some of these girls I know have it all, beautiful, super fun, active, smart, funny. Boys should be lining up around the block to ask them out. What is there deal?

All I'm saying is I wish I could go on a date. There I said it.

There is a time and a season for everything. I need to be patient, happy, and take it easy; that is the conclusion I have come to, despite my irritation...

Thank you for reading my most pathetic post of all time. 

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  1. We have built a society without rules and raised a generation without a sense of honor or propriety. Boys are being raised to be "guys" instead of "men." I don't think any of them know what to do, because there are no socially imposed rules about dating anymore. And sadly, many of them spend more time thinking about their video games or basketball stats than about their futures. Poor things just don't see the beauty and awesomeness that is right in front of them.

    Also, boys are dumb.