Sunday, January 9, 2011

This Week in my Life!

I started school! And it is weird. Every semester has a different feel. And this semester is no exception. It is very different. I am in an apartment. I am taking MAJOR classes. I am working with a new old friend at work! I am definitely not a rookie any more. The honor code doesn't freak me out as much as it used to. And basically its awesome.

List time:

-I went to a show at Sammy's friday and saturday. The bands were terrible friday. But sat a band from Logan came that was super good. Like a combo of explosions in the sky and phoenix.

-My Ethic teacher tears people apart who say dumb things in class and I love it.

-I've been sick all week and its terrible.

-I am so grateful for nice people here who tolerate my disgusting sickness.

-There are cute boys in my ward!

-Yesterday I went to a friends apartment. His roommate is watching some interesting documentary and I recognize the song. Who is this? I inquire. He responds "You wouldn't know them." I then realize what it is and ask, Is this Sigur Ros!? Yes. Yes it is. I then experienced my brain exploding because between him and the other boys there they knew every obscure band I love and hold dear. It was amazing. And the absolute beauty of that documentary about Sigur Ros...mind blowing.

-I got to finally listen to my friend's mix. He is a DJ. And he is incredible.

-Its freaking cold here. I have very little tolerance of this weather right now. My first day it was -8.

-I still don't even feel like I'm in school. Homework is really hard to get to.

-New achievable dream:  Take a train to San Fran in the Spring.

Goal: Get my head on straight. Clean my room. Not procrastinate homework. Be genuine. Meet a new friend every day. Keep in touch with old friends I've met. Go to devo and sincerely seek to learn something. Go to the temple after devo and sincerely seek to learn something. Carry out my calling with as much devotion as I can.

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