Saturday, January 22, 2011

My Language of Love is TIME

There are five languages of love according to some psychologist. They are touch, compliments, gifts, time...and one other thing I can not remember! (want to help me out) But despite all this, I have come to the solid conclusion my language of love is time. Without a doubt time. The key to my heart is spending a day with me, and then saying, ok what are we going to do tomorrow morning? Thank goodness not everyone is like me, or we would never get anything done. Often times I'll hang out with someone in the morning then ask what we are going to do that night, and I can tell they think its a little weird, but thats whats ideal to me! All the time hang outidge. I get so restless when I am alone on a weekend or any night. If I'm not studying, I have to ask, why am I not hanging out? Then I get super let down if I don't hang out with someone. And they don't have to do anything, but sit there and talk with me, and I am completely content.

Anyways, just a thought...and a good way to further procrastinate this environmental stewardship quiz I very much don't want to take...


  1. service. Touch, time, service, gifts, and compliments.

  2. Read this in a book club once. Mine was "quality time". Luckily, so is John's. :)