Friday, January 21, 2011


Its no secret that I love philosophy. A lot. I think it makes you understand the world, yourself, God, other people in a way you never would have before. It makes you a true critical thinker more so than any book or class on critical thinking. But through my studies I have realized the crucial importance of humility. Sometimes I'll be sitting in a class and I'll get so frustrated with my peer's comments, thinking they are not thought out and one sided. I'll even get frustrated with my teachers wondering, who are you to tell me how to write an essay? What is an essay? Why do I need to write one? What does it matter? Is this even real!? (ok just kidding, I never ask that last question)

But I have come to the conclusion I seriously need more humility in my life. Socrates considered himself the wisest person because he recognized he did not know anything. He was always asking questions, keeping an open mind, and as far as I know, believed in objective truth. Thats what I need to be like, Socrates...

And Christ. I need to be more like Christ. He was completely humble in every way. He knew what he was doing and could explain everything he said eloquently. He said so much with so little words, which is incredibly impressive to me. His words pack a punch in just a few verses. Humility is key to learning. Humility is especially key when I am seriously studying philosophy as well as religion. It will keep me sane and know that no matter what earthly philosophy I ever come to, it will never surpass the logic, knowledge, and perfect arguments of God.

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  1. You know, it takes most people a whole lifetime to learn this lesson. I think you are very much ahead of the game.

    I for one love to point the finger of judgement at people, with thoughts like, "that person is such an idiot - they should try to have more ME!" :)