Sunday, January 23, 2011

What Have I Been Watching?

The answer is too much. But its been pretty good though!

1. Supernatural (or SUPAH-NATCH). I have been loving starting this show episode 1, season 1. Even though I have already seen about half of the series, I thought what the heck! Its been terrific bonding time with my roommates to watch Sam and Dean fight evil demons. And I have come to the conclusion, I am team Sam.

2. Flight of the Conchords. Hello Jemaine and Britt...I mean Brett...This show is absolutely hilarious. Singing along to the songs has been a wonderful experience. And its just brilliant in every way. I keep quoting it when people don't know what I'm talking about; but they are missing out! Bonus, it is totally inspiring film wise!

3. Once. Finally! People have been telling me to see this movie for years now. And I have been listening to the soundtrack for years. It is an incredibly beautiful, humble, simple film. Seeing the story behind the songs makes me love them even more. I have a feeling there is going to be a serious Glen Hansard phase coming. Thank goodness my roommate is gone for the weekend because I am singing pretty passionately along with him right now....But I digress...Frankly, this film is perfect. There is hardly a plot, but there is hardly need for one. I feel for every character. One of the last scenes where she plays the piano kindles my heart. There is a connection between those two that is very tender. And SPOILER: They never even kiss. I think that is very impressive for how much they express in the film.

4. Sigur Ros Documentaries. This band is beautiful in every way. After a long world tour, they came home to Iceland and played free shows for the community. The result is a gorgeous view of Iceland. The band itself is fascinating. And the music is always piercing. I felt at home when I watched this with some new friends here. Nothing makes me more full of joy when I find a fellow Sigur Ros fan. We all have come to the conclusion we are moving to Iceland.  These documentaries are perfection to me. And it is plural because the lead singer did a solo project and filmed that as well in 2010. I have yet to finish that one though.

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