Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Bronchitis My Old Friend

So I did something today I don't usually do...ever...I went to the doctors! It was the sweetest cleanest most homey urgent care I have ever been to. I always feel like its a test when I'm at the doctors. As the doctor checked my breathing I was certain he would say, "no your totally fine, what are you even doing here you crazy!" But nope, he said "Wow you are very congested, you definitely have Bronchitis!" Swiftly I was given a prescription and off I went! Now I am on a prescription and loving it. I am fully on my way to recovery :)

Speaking of loving it. I love my cousin Brittany. She is the best. I love spending time with her. She has taken such good care of me forever. She honestly is like my sister. I wasn't sure how I was going to get to the doctor, and she was totally there to take me. The first day I was in Rexburg I felt absolutely horrible. She called me and invited me to dinner! It was perfect. I felt so crappy and did not want to unpack or see anyone. I went over and she got me a blanket, dinner, and gave me some shoes! I love Brittany.

Movie Review Time:

True Gritt: This is one manly movie that I adore. I watched it with my dad, brother, and uncle. Manly time to be sure. But I loved the protagonist. She is a tough no nonsense 14 year old girl. What a RELIEF to see a 14 year old girl in a movie who is not swooning over some boy or singing songs or gossiping or crying. Instead she is out to actually kill her fathers killer! Now I have not seen very many westerns...but this probably is my favorite western movie ever.

Social Network: Wow this movie was fascinating. I am so glad I caught it while it was still in the cheap seats! It truly captured the odd obsession college students have with exclusive clubs and impressing others. There is a lot of partying. But it is obvious that it is shallow and pointless. Life is about genuine sincere relationships, not money or grades or partying. Despite all of that, what life boils down to is your relationships, with others and yourself. The backdrop of the movie is two lawsuits Mark Z is experiencing from creating facebook. Through a series of flashbacks you learn how Facebook came to be...Its seriously fascinating. Warning though, there is a lot of partying, too much for little kids to be seeing for sure...Not that little kids would care to watch this movie anyways...

Pet Peeves:
Today in English we went through an extensive list of words to NEVER use in writing (like "you" or "I" or "lastly"). I would like to add some words to the list you should NEVER use in writing or vocally: "In our day and age" and "Back in the day." I cringe every time I here that most ugly string of words put together. For some reason in my Humanities class when referring to the past or present, those words are the only words that make sense to my peers!

Funny Story:
Walking to my new FHE brothers house I slipped in the snow...2 or 3 times..because I was wearing my super cool cowboy boots...that have no traction. My roommate is the witness.

I am joining ICOMM!!!! I will soon be a member of the Video Production team! But Taylor, you've never filmed anything of consequence before in your life! Well I say to all you doubters (including myself) bite me! I am doing this! I am joining IComm and figuring this all out! Its my dream to make films...Maybe this will be a serious step towards fulfilling this dream!

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  1. Bronchitis... I am so glad that you went to the doctor. Back in the day they didn't even know what bronchitis was, and it killed people. In our day and age, we are lucky that they have medicine. I love you Taylor!